Marijuana Users May Be the Big Winners in Canada

On October 19, 2015, Canada held their federal elections and the Liberal Party of Canada scored a major win. The party’s candidate, Justin Trudeau, managed to unseat Prime Minister Stephen Harper after three terms in offices, and the party managed to take 184 seats for a 54 percent majority in the Canadian House of Commons.


The fact that the Liberal Party of Canada now controls two branches of the government will have a number of ramifications, but for individuals who are pushing for the legalization of marijuana in the country, the win is especially significant. Throughout his campaign, Justin Trudeau has stated that he is fully in favor of completely legalizing marijuana in every Canadian province. Now, supporters of legal cannabis are looking ahead in hopes that Trudeau will follow through.


Marijuana wasn’t just a key part of Justin Trudeau’s campaign; it might have actually helped the candidate to win! During the weeks and months that led up to the election, a grassroots effort was underway to encourage Canadians who support the legalization of marijuana to get out and vote for Trudeau.


A number of dispensaries were involved in the push to encourage cannabis supporters to cast their votes in the 2015 election. The Eden Medicinal Society, which operates a number of dispensaries in British Columbia, offered any member who provided proof of voting the chance to judge the Harvest Moon Cup, an annual cannabis competition sponsored by the society.


To further encourage marijuana legalization supporters to get out and vote, the Eden Medical Society allowed members and nonmembers with proof of having cast a ballot to enter into a drawing to win tickets to a Snoop Dogg concert. Known for his line of vaporizer pens designed for Grenco Science like the G Pen Snoop Dogg Vaporizer, the rapper has long been an advocate of legalization and seems a natural choice for the ticket giveaway.


Of course, we’ll never know how much the Snoop Dogg contest and the countless online advertisements, emails, and other grassroots activism helped to ensure Justin Trudeau’s victory, but there is no doubt that the efforts of the Eden Medicinal Society and other pro-pot businesses and groups played some role in the Liberal Party’s upset.


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