Are You Making theses 5 Mistakes in SEO

SEO is a Powerful method to get Ranking in Search Engine Result Page. Gurus are giving their Advices in SEO to get Rank. But the newbies get Confused after all sorts of Advice coming from all Sites. SEO is not so Tricky as People have made it. Be Simple and Confident to the Basic of SEO. This will lead you to the Success. This Article will tell you 5 Mistakes often made by Newbies which result from them as the failure.

Mistake 1- Taking Keyword Competition of Google Keyword Planner Tool
This mistake is made by 90% of the Newbies. They start Keyword Research from Google Keyword Planner Tool and Selects the Keywords, which is Grouped as LOW Competition. The Competition in Keyword Planner Tool is only for PPC Advertiser and not for Internet Marketers. To check the keyword competition, you need to follow only one tool which is Long Tail Pro. Add Seed Keyword in
Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Tool and then fetch KC. The given KC is the Keyword Competition and targeting Below 35 is good to Rank on SERP.

Mistake 2- Over Optimising Content.
Over Optimising Content is not a good practice for SEO. Newbies are like pushing keywords in articles for ranking, but it is no more going to help you in SEO. Google Algorithm is the lot more Intelligent than we often think and making mistakes will not be tolerated by Google search engine which will result in penalizing of sites. Try to make quality content and insert keywords which can match with given articles and do not use more than 3-time keywords in 1000 word article.

Mistake 3- Website Speed.

Making a website writing Content and doing SEO is not the way to achieve Rank 1. Site speed is very important in deciding rank. Google want their user to be happy and if website load time is high than they are not going to open it eventually bounce rate of the website will Increase, and Increasing of bounce rate can cause the decrease of rank position, so it is always recommended to check the website speed. Speed should be below 3 seconds.

Mistake 4- Image Optimization

To get a high rank in SERP. Image Optimisation is very important. It Increases the website speed as well as Increases the On- Page SEO Score. Use the proper name of the image rather than using any numeric digit in name, Always use the one-time exact keyword in ALT-Tag of the picture. Always compress the image using smush it or magnify Plugin of WordPress. It will boost your ranking in SERP.

Mistake 5-Do does not make Strategy for OFF Page
Without doing proper strategy in LINK Building, it is tough to rank. Need to make good plan make one-week schedule work according to it and again check status on next Monday. This will show clearly whether working one week is fruitful or not. Make excel notes of all anchor text distribution, Backlink URL, and work Accordingly, make 70% backlinks to Homepage and 30 % to Inner pages and soon you will get the result as Rank in SERP.

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