How to make your internet faster

Have you ever had the urge to kill your internet service provider just because of the bad speed of your internet? Everyone’s been through that and trust me you are not alone. The only solution that one can find during this entire situation is to change your internet service provider. However, changing your internet connection isn’t always the right option. What if your next internet service provider is as bad as your current one? Exactly the point. However, there are many solutions to this problem. Let us have a look on a few of them.How to make your internet faster

Internet Speed Test

First off, you need to start and check the complete bandwidth that you are getting from your Internet Service Provider. The best internet providers get you excellent tools like PTCL Speed Test that you can use to check the internet speed that you’re actually getting. Check your speed and if it isn’t what you’re paying for, contact your provider immediately.

Background Activity

There are hundreds of apps that you use for everyday usage that are using up the internet that you need to use. Applications like Skype, Adobe Suites, Antiviruses, Media Players and many more are always somehow connected to the internet in the background to get you the newest updates. Make sure you have a look on those apps. Disabling such applications and software can get you a significant increase in internet speed.

System UI Updates

Do you like those extra affects and amazing new backgrounds on your operating system? Well, we all do. However, they are sadly one of the reasons behind your bad internet speed. Constant new updates can suck on a huge amount of internet. These system effects only make the system slower so there’s no use of getting them either. So, keep an eye on the system updates and only install the important security updates as needed.

So, these are few things that you can do to get better internet speed than what you always get. Make sure you check all of these for getting better internet speed.

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