London’s E-commerce and Mobile Market

It is inevitable that the world is now being consumed by the different information and technological advancements. We are now living in an era where acquiring, sharing and saving all sorts of information is as easy as A, B, C. Technology is so progressive and dynamic that we did not settle for just having the internet in the comforts of our homes. We even transcend into having everything done on the go. Thus, the birth of e-commerce and mobile internet.


London, the Gateway to a Technological World

While the rest of the world is enjoying the benefits of technological advancement, London is not trailing far behind. In fact, London is considered to be a front-runner in terms of new technologies in the UK. A recent study shows that London has the most number of internet users across the UK surpassing other major cities. This shows a relatively high literacy in terms of new technological devices compared to other European cities.

London Goes Mobile

People in London are into mobile devices. The trend started to increase in the year 2010 in the birth of luxury mobile devices such as tablets, iPads and smartphones. Instead of sitting all day long in front of a laptop or a personal computer, users are now into portability and mobility. This opened the marker of London and the UK to luxury mobile gadgets that offer an all in one user experience. Among these luxury items, Apple is the most preferred mobile device brand in London followed by Blackberry and Samsung.

E-commerce and Mobility

The world has certainly maximised the potentials of modern technology. We were able to find ways to perform a lot of our daily routines in just a few taps by our fingertips. For example, before, we can only send emails using our workstations at work or at home. Now, we can send emails while in a coffee shop or while on your way to work. This is just one among the long list of activities that e-commerce and mobility can offer.

Smartphone and Mobile Gadgets Craze

Many people in London and the UK usually anticipate the release of luxury smartphones and other mobile devices. At present, more than 80% of the population in London own at least one mobile device. With the emerging demand for e-commerce, the use of mobile phones is not only limited to sending messages, making calls and taking photos and videos.

How are Luxury Mobile Devices Used?

With the vast of applications and software that can be downloaded to any mobile device, its functions have now expanded to more than just sending messages and making calls. In a recent study, there is a significant increase in the number of people doing online banking, shopping, doing business email and other things that are previously not done with mobile devices. This is a strong indication of how diverse the world of the internet is. In addition, the widespread of mobile applications that perform a wide variety of functions is also a huge factor in the prevalence of e-commerce and mobile functions among luxury gadget users in London and UK.

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