What to check in hunting boots while buying

What to check in hunting boots while buying

If you are going for hunting in coming hunting season, you must be prepared before the season starts. And along with your hunting gear, your attire should also be according to your hunting requirements.

One of the most important item in your gadgets is your hunting shoes. If you are going to buy hunting shoes you must keep these things in mind to select the one best pair of boots fit for hunting season and environment.

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Things to keep in mind are:

Right fit for your size:

The most important thing to make sure that your boots should be exactly your size. Sometimes, people don’t care about their size very precisely while choosing their dress or formal shoes, but while selecting your hunting boots, you can’t take a chance of a centimeter difference. It will be tough for you in the field. So, Choose your very own size at Hunting Mark.


While hunting, in the hunting area you may have to chase the hunt in humid areas, so your boots must be waterproof and insulated. They’ll make you warmer and comfortable inside.

Boot Weight:

Your boot weight affects your chase somehow, and for that, it must be according to the season. In the warm season, your hunting boots must be ranges 200-400 grams coated with insulation to keep your feet safe from overheating.

While in the mid-season lightly weight hunting boots would be ideal for the hunt. You should keep your feet warm and comfortable.

During this season, insulation must be about 600 grams to 800 grams, and for a colder season, it demands to be 1200 grams to 1600 grams.

Type of Boots

There are different types of shoes in the market when it comes to hunting boots, these are:

  • PAC Boots

These boots are perfect for the coldest conditions for hunting. Its upper consist of rubber sole with nylon or leather combination which can be removed. These are waterproof boots available in the height of 8 inches to 16 inches.

These are a bit heavy, so best fit for longer sits in cold conditions. Not recommendable for doing lots of walking.

  • Rubber Boots

Rubber boots are just all time perfect pair of hunting shoes for hunters. They are waterproof and lighter in weight making them favorite for all types of hunting.

These are available in size 10 inches to 18 inches with warm upper of 2000 grams of insulation.

  • Leather Boots

Leather boots for hunting sum up the best of both PAC and rubber boots, which makes them more popular having versatility in style.

These boots are available in a wide range of height and weight. Height varies from 6 inches to 12 inches, and their weight can be up to 5 pounds or so.


While shopping for the hunting boots, look for the perfect matched pair of socks as well to make sure that these are the proper fit with these boots. You would be wearing those socks as well while hunting. If you still want to know more about this you can read the Hunting Mark.

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