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What is a Live Scan?

Live Scan is a process of capturing the image of the fingerprint in a digitalized process that does not require ink. This process is used for the completion of a record check for any criminality or conviction activity. The scanned fingerprint is transmitted in an electronic form to the FBI or the California’s Department of Justice.

This method of fingerprint process is used in place of the old form of capturing the fingerprinting image that requires the use of ink in a rolling process. Live scan offers the operator the opportunity of retaking a fingerprint many times to eliminate the possibility of capturing poor images of the fingers that are often associated with the inking process that is done on a fingerprinting card.

The effectiveness of live scans makes it easy to transmit electronically results of the fingerprint obtained to the California Department of Justice or the FBI within a matter of hours. This urgency in the live scan cannot be compared to how long it will take for a fingerprint hardcopy that is sent to this agency through mail.

Acquiring criminal background scrutiny before licensing, certification or employing an individual provides important resources to a hiring firm or authority offering license which help in evaluating the applicant. This process provides a detailed result about the past life of individuals to show if they have been actively convicted or arrested. It is very important that licensing authorities and employment agency obtain a prior criminal or conviction background of any applicant before any work is given or permission granted.

Request For Live Scan Application Forms

Due to the requirements of DOJ, agencies will require a live scan application form, however, to have the right live scan result, it is imperative to verify the agency that is requesting for the live scan result. When the correct application form is provided by the agency that needs the live scan data, this form should be taken to a live scan location that is closest to you to perform the scanning. A certified live scan location requires an application before any scan is done, this will help in transferring the images of the fingerprints to the appropriate Federal and State government agencies that require this data, after which it will be sent to the agency that requested it.

The application form for a live scan comes with some information regarding the agency that needs it such as their mailing code and their ORI code, and these codes are needed for the completion process of the request. The information that is sent to the requesting agency depends on the policies of the law and the requirements of the agency. This live scan process is being regulated and controlled by the law, so there are several difference in the requirements of a school and for a business agency, and each business has a different requirement. This is why it is important for the requesting agency to provide a live scan application form to you as this will make the whole process fast and easy.

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