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Apple developed Homekit which integrates different appliances in your home with your iphone or ipad. It’s a great technology indeed. Now you can control your different accessories like speakers, detectors etc from one device. Homekit Koogeek P1 Smart Plug enables you to control and even schedule your devices from your apple devices. Even through Siri command you can manage them. Now it has improved a lot since IOS 10 has released. Everything is well communicated from your device.


App Setup

Koogeek Homekit is designed similarly like Apple Homekit. App installation is just similar like other apps. Homekit Koogeek has a great smooth interface on your mobile and easy to manage all the accessories. You will get all the list of available devices whether they are on or off. With just few clicks you can make a schedule for the devices. It really sounds great and works as is defined.

Siri Commands

Siri is a sort of personal assistant which navigates you. It was release back in 2010 by Apple. Homekit Koogeek can work through this with its voice commands. It’ a great feature as it will set standard for Artificial Intelligence in the future. Apple is working on this and tends to improve it in the future.

Power Reporting System

This is a great feature of Homekit Koogeek P1 Smart Plug. It lets you compare and analyze existing power consumption of devices with average power consumption. In this way you come to know the energy consumption of these products and make them environment friendly. Minimum possible power consumption is the need of the hour so Koongeek lets you do it.

Create Scenes

With its cool design you can make home scene with Koogeek. All you have to do is to make a scene with Siri. E.g you can say that “Please turn off the light” and it will turn off as directed. You have to set these scenes with Siri command. It is upto the consumers that whether they want to go with the modern style or happy with Victorian style.

System Requirements

All you need is a Wifi and and an Apple iphone or ipad. Definitely Homekit Koogeek app will be installed in it. It requires iOS 8.1 or later. This is for use in US and Canada only. It comes in white color with one power output. It has 12 months of warranty and made up of ABS material. The complete package includes koogeek P1 Smart Plud and Quick Start Guide in English.

Overall Koogeek Homekit is great plug in device which has the better intelligence features and making innovations. Its cooperation with Apple has created a win-win situation for both. In Asia it is the 2nd largest enterprise. Nice sign and easy to use features has made it the best plug in devices to control the home accessories with just few clicks.

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