Happy wheels Unblocked

some people hold an opinion that Happy Wheels for school is the best game and not only, have they said this game isn’t only for fun, but There are also combined some great things – Physics/Gravitation/Humor (I hold this opinion too).

But, some people have the negative attitude about this game, I have been thinking a lot how I can have the bad attitude against Happy Wheels for school. Finally, I guess – Bloody type of gameplay and too bad graphics for being as popular as Happy Wheels Unblocked is.

So it’s time to talk about – How can you become the great player, I think, there are some things you should know before you start playing.


Our goal is to reach final line in each level without hard crashing. It doesn’t have a matter how “healthy” your character will do it, if your character’s part, for example, leg crosses finish line you are the winner, Sounds too easy, but there are very hard levels too.

Every character has different controls and different vehicles so you should play for learning it or read this post on my blog about Character Controls

If you read about controls, I think you are ready to try it, Take a seat, choose your character, Select featured levels or create your own with Level Editor. Wow? Can I create levels and design them too? – Yeas! You can share level with your friends and people who plays this great game too. Of course, you’ll need to upload your map to total jerkface’s server to make it public and accessible to play for others.

As I said at the start of the post, there are too less graphical elements, only some blood pouring, and some pure animations.

I agree with people’s another opinion that graphic of this game is so child designed and poor,

But, Take it easy man. There isn’t point in graphics in this game, There are huge fun and laugh when you play every level of this game, This is what makes this game more addictive then other browser based games.


At least goes our last question asked at the start, why do I play Happy Wheels Unblocked on this site?

I’ve explored maybe whole internet blogs/comments etc about this game, I haven’t found blog for specific Happy Wheels Unblocked, So I’m going to post some news and funny stories and videos, We will also discuss some tips and tricks in gameplay, We will have mini guestbook where you can contact me and ask me everything that you need for this game


System requirements for Happy Wheels Unblocked

We’ve discussed graphical elements of this game, And if you read it carefully, It’s easy to guess you don’t need to have powerful graphic carts such as ATI or Nvidia, So here goes things you should have to play this game without any complications.

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