How to Create Backlinks from Yahoo Answers – Full Guide


The most standard and and most prestigious way of building Backlinks for your blog and driving traffic is through Yahoo Answers definitely. Since, we all know that Yahoo is one of the most prominent site with an excellent rank among the top sites. Therefore, links from Yahoo and traffic from this awesome search engine is really great practice that any entrepreneur can do. Many professional entrepreneurs also generate backlinks from this method. This method is one of the most famous method among bloggers that comes in white hat SEO trick and that thing justify that your blog will not be effected by Google penalties. So, lets learn more about this method of building Backlinks for your website and drive friendly traffic to your blog. Do checkout Aptoide APK article here which will help you to download your favorite apps.


What Is Yahoo Answer?

Yahoo Answer is one of the most prominent platform of answering the questions of people on different topics of life. Here you can ask any question or you may answer the question of other persons on different topics. In this platform many people solve the problems of others and you may clear your all confusion related to any topic by simply posting your question there.

Building Backlinks And Driving Traffic Through Yahoo Answers

Now, lets move towards our topic about generating your traffic and building backlinks from Yahoo Answers.

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First of all you must have Yahoo Id, if you have not the Yahoo ID then create it immediately. After that go to Yahoo Answers and search the keywords related to your niche, for example: if your niche is on blogging then you can search for blogging or you can directly select the category related to your niche and then you’ll see most recently posted question on blogging and then you may answer that posted question but don’t forget to include your blog or post link into your answer to get backlink and traffic from that source. Remember one thing when you answer your first question then you would be on first level that means your link will not click-able and you will not be able to get backlinks on first and for making your link click-able, you have to answer as many questions as you can , to earn more points and moving towards higher level. Your link will be click-able on level two. Now, from that link you will may receive some extra traffic and backlink as well.

  • Tip: You can get one point on answering the question and if your answer get vote of best answer then you’ll receive five points. increase points to move towards level 2


That was the most common and secret tip of building backlinks and driving traffic towards your blog. I thought that it can be very much beneficial for the bloggers to grab backlinks from Yahoo that’s why I shared this article with you guys. Additionally, if you have any query then do ask in comments, i shall get back to you as soon as possible.


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