Why it is Important to Learn Touch Typing

When the correct steps are taken to gain knowledge on touch typing, typing effortlessly and easily is possible. This ensures you manage to complete writing projects with a high rate of competence. A huge quantity of time will definitely be saved in the procedure of writing emails, presentations and reports. It is also possible to […]

How to Scan Slides

  What is a Live Scan? Live Scan is a process of capturing the image of the fingerprint in a digitalized process that does not require ink. This process is used for the completion of a record check for any criminality or conviction activity. The scanned fingerprint is transmitted in an electronic form to the […]

The Four Main Categories of Computer Hardware Devices

    What are the four main categories of computer hardware and why do they matter? Well, if you’re interested at all in learning more about modern-day PC’s and how to build or service them, then knowing to distinguish between the different kinds of hardware components is fundamental. These four components are not only found […]

How to make your internet faster

How to make your internet faster

Have you ever had the urge to kill your internet service provider just because of the bad speed of your internet? Everyone’s been through that and trust me you are not alone. The only solution that one can find during this entire situation is to change your internet service provider. However, changing your internet connection […]

HomeKit Koogeek P1 Smart Plug  

  Apple developed Homekit which integrates different appliances in your home with your iphone or ipad. It’s a great technology indeed. Now you can control your different accessories like speakers, detectors etc from one device. Homekit Koogeek P1 Smart Plug enables you to control and even schedule your devices from your apple devices. Even through […]

London’s E-commerce and Mobile Market

It is inevitable that the world is now being consumed by the different information and technological advancements. We are now living in an era where acquiring, sharing and saving all sorts of information is as easy as A, B, C. Technology is so progressive and dynamic that we did not settle for just having the […]