Burberry Top-Folding Purses Dark Red

Burberry Top-Folding Purses Dark Red

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    Burberry Top-Folding Purses Dark Red
    No matter from the edges to the body of this Burberry Darkred Top-Folding Purse Sale, they also showcase the fluent and beautiful silhouette through the advaced technology. The edges were coved by the red leather with souble lines of seam sewing thread. This Burberry Sale purse would be the fashionable and timeless artist.

  • Size:19*10*3cm
  • Burberry Outlet Online store showcase so many attractive products
  • Flap folded pattern
  • Nine card slots, two bill slots, one transparent ID slot
  • Brand New With Original Box
  • No Sales Tax
  • 7-Day Return Policy
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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