Australia as a great place for business immigration



Did you know that according to the UN 2013 Australia was ranked second in the world (after Norway) on the aggregate quality of life (Annual Human Development Index), assesses the health care system, social security and education?


And the fact that according to the World Bank for the same year (World Bank Doing Business 2013 report) Australia was ranked second in the world for ease of start-up of new businesses and the third for lending business? And the quality of business infrastructure (Global Innovation Index – this index reflects the investment attractiveness) – the first in the world among 189 countries?


The first thing you will need for relocation – visa. If you are planning to get PR, permanent residency visa is for you. Requirements are simple:

  • Sponsorship of the government, Australia-based business or a partner
  • Expressing your interest in the job via governmental online skill system and receiving an invitation
  • You have to be younger than 55 years old;
  • High level of English (submitted by a test)
  • Temper and health requirements



Australia has a very favorable investment environment due to stable government policy, legislation development and rapid economic growth. These attributes attract investors from all over the world. By the way – foreign investors have the same rights as domestic investors in accordance with the laws of Australia.


For political stability and government efficiency, strong banks and a positive financial balance Australia has been getting the highest marks for many years. Law and order, lack of corruption and protection of property are on top. Australia has a solid legal framework, development of the corporate governance laws that ensure ethical behavior in the market and effective legislation to protect private property.



Last, but not least – the confidentiality of business information. In the context of FATF hyperactivity and increasing the pressure on offshore jurisdictions the problem is more relevant than ever. The Australian Government ensures the confidentiality of information about the investors in accordance with the requirements of the Privacy Act 1988 and the Freedom of Information Act 1982. Here any confidential commercial information which is obtained is respected. And it is ensured that this information will not be provided to third parties outside of Australia.


Now you have the opportunity to rediscover Australia for business. You will know that Australia has unique benefits for investors, which you won`t found anywhere else in the world. For example, the ability of purchasing or constructing residential property in lieu of payment of tax on income (negative gearing) is purely an Australian invention. Thus, the government “gives” investors more than $ 13 billion per year. Considering high cost of land, you can get it almost for free, if your investment project affects priority areas: alternative energy, ecology, tourism and many others. The Government provides incentives for investors, counting on reaching a turnover of 140 billion dollars in the tourism business by 2020.


Something more

Alternative energy deserves special attention. Australia belongs to the world leaders in this field. The federal government plans to receive 20% of the supply of electricity from alternative sources by 2020. By Solar Flagships program, the federal government has allocated $ 1.6 billion for solar energy. There is a scheme of grants and subsidies. In order to finance alternative energy projects was created a national agency ARENA. Today, Australia is a prime target for energy investors.


As you can see Australia is full of perspectives and can become sweet home for anyone who is seeking for relocation. Adding to that fantastic climate, nature and the ocean you will have the full package.

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